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About Altova MobileTogether

Build Sophisticated Apps for All Platforms – in Record Time
Altova MobileTogether® is an affordable, cross-platform mobile development framework for building data-centric apps for all devices. MobileTogether makes it easy to build full-featured, sophisticated, native apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 and 10.

Altova MobileTogether Features

  • Easy-to-use Designer for building sophisticated data-centric apps
  • Develop full-featured apps in record time
  • Your single design builds front end (client) and back end (server)
  • Build once – deploy to mobile and desktop devices instantly
  • True native apps (NOT just a wrapper)
  • Connect to back-end data in databases, XML, HTML, JSON, and Web services
  • Beautiful native apps for all mobile platforms and desktops
  • Perfect for bring your own device (BYOD) scenarios
  • Mobile apps are created in-house, by your development team

MobileTogether Designer
The free MobileTogether Designer uses a combination of visual, drag and drop UI design and powerful functional programming to build your mobile app.
Though developing apps in MobileTogether is easy, the framework is powerful enough to build any data-centric app imaginable – with no restrictions on complexity of the final product.

MobileTogether Mobile App
Choose whether to deploy your apps via the universal MobileTogether mobile client for in-house or enterprise apps. The MobileTogether App is available for free in the various app stores.
Or, for customer-facing apps, simply compile the MobileTogether generated code package for each platform, and submit the resulting native apps to the app stores yourself. You still only have to create one design in MobileTogether Designer.

MobileTogether Server
The MobileTogether framework includes the backend server for the mobile apps, so when you design and build your mobile app with MobileTogether Designer, you’re developing the front-end app and the back-end server logic at the same time and in one environment!
Apps are developed in the MobileTogether Designer are deployed to the MobileTogether Server, which provides connectivity to data sources and high-performance data processing including sophisticated cache control options.
If required by your app, the Server also allows granular management of user and roles definition, user access control, and comprehensive security functions.

MobileTogether Server is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, and may be deployed on premises or in the cloud.


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