MindManager Enterprise


Work better & faster together

Trade unproductive meetings and unreliable message threads for a comprehensive visual map that instantly clarifies goals, expectations, requirements, tasks, priorities and more.

Transform a dynamic brainstorm into an executable strategy in a single team session.

Share meeting notes, processes and plans across the organization to drive understanding, alignment and buy-in.

Ensure your projects are aligned with larger corporate objectives.

Plan painlessly & manage masterfully

Avoid the pitfalls that cause projects to fail — miscommunications, misalignment, missed deadlines — with advanced project management tools that your helps put your entire team on the actual same page from Day One.

Define scope, requirements, and expectations and track progress in one transparent communication.

View projects by resource, tasks, timeline, Gantt Pro and more for 360-degree visibility into status, red flags and risks.

Effortlessly balance big-picture project goals with the details that make it all come together.

Centralize knowledge & simplify execution

Robust integrations with Microsoft SharePoint, Office and Project, and available integration with 800+ apps via Zapier, enable your team members to operate from a single portal that saves time, prevents redundancy and supports accuracy.

Query and visualize information from multiple SharePoint sites in a single dashboard.

Easily command large amounts of data with powerful search, filtering and indexing tools.

Connect and correlate files, links, media, notes and more, to create rich, comprehensive, shareable plans and knowledge repositories.

Enjoy enterprise-grade benefits for teams of 5+

MindManager understands and supports all aspects of your business. Our Enterprise version can be implemented quickly and deployed smoothly to teams of 5 to 5000 or more, and adapts to your needs with:

Simple network deployment and support for industry-standard authentication protocols.

Volume licensing, tier-based pricing, upgrade protection, dedicated technical support and more with Mindjet Software Assurance and Support (MSA).

Includes MindManager 2020 for Windows, MindManager for Mac 13, MindManager Reader (Windows & Mac) & MindManager Server App for SharePoint.