Password Visibility Options Password Visibility Options

Hyena v14.0 includes options on many of its dialogs that allow for the password being entered to be made visible, as well as copied, to prevent from having to enter the password twice. This new feature is similar to what is found on many web-based password entry fields, providing for both flexibility and security depending on the environment that the application is being used in.

Note: This feature does not display an existing password, as Hyena has no mechanism to know what it is.

Built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

Hyena v14.0 has been rebuilt using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. Previous versions of Hyena used an older platform, which will have limited Microsoft support going forward due to their EOL policies. VS 2015 is a modern and supported development environment that will have many years of continuing support.

VS 2015 also brings a number of internal improvements to applications built on its platform including improved libraries, security through Control Flow Guard (CFG) support, and more.


Hyena has a New Primary Interface!

Hyena has a new interface

Hyena v13.8 has a fresh new look, with a cleaner interface that offers a lot of customization. Besides looking a bit different than a standard menu/toolbar interface, the new Microsoft ribbon-style interface supports a number of built-in features, including:


Eight (8) adjustable styles.

Customizable ‘Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)’, which can be positioned above or below the main ribbon. Any button, button group, menu, or even custom tools can be added to the QAT.

Optional minimizing of the ribbon, which can then be made visible by clicking on the remaining menu or keystroke (Control-F1).

Automatic layout adjustments for resizing, screen resolution, and O/S versions.