TeamViewer for Education


As a global leader for remote support and online meeting software, TeamViewer is well known among IT professionals. Did you know though that there is an incredible range and variety of uses for TeamViewer that go far beyond the IT industry? For example, in addition to remote support, video conferencing, and online presentations, TeamViewer is also regularly used for educational purposes, one of which is to help educate gifted children.

Saving the commute with remote training

One interesting case of helping such children is Training City, a company in Russia devoted to professional training. Anyone who has ever travelled Russia knows about the great distances you need to overcome when trying to get from point A to B. This is in addition to the possible complications rush hour traffic in the big cities might bring. Good tutoring schools are not always just around the corner. For little children and their parents, the commute can often present a big challenge.

Training City has specialized in complex training classes in the fields of business and education in several different industry sectors. By using TeamViewer, the company has managed to expand their training services to gifted children in cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as remote regions all over Russia.

Education without technological hurdles

The comprehensive tuition method Training City offers for its students is applied remotely via the internet. After testing several other platforms, Training City came to the conclusion that the variety of great features TeamViewer offered best suited their needs. Not only are they able to connect to the children’s tablets to monitor each child’s progress, they can also exchange work files or watch videos together. Also, whenever the children have any sort of technical problems, instructors can easily connect to offer remote support. By removing all technological hurdles, teaching staff can fully focus on the children’s development and needs.

To read about this story in greater detail, learn more about the effective and flexible solutions that TeamViewer provides, and gain insight into the creative ways that the software is used, take a look at the full case study.